Advanced Supply Chain Institute
Advanced Supply Chain Institute


The Institute
The Advanced Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) is a premier learning, training, sharing, and consulting service for firms of all size in any industries interested in moving to the next level of process improvement.

ASCI offers help in a variety of areas, including strategy and strategic leadership, strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management (SRM), customer relationship management (CRM), network analysis, etc...


Speeches, Talks, Presentations, Seminars
ASCI members and associates can deliver insightful, front-edge presentations. Each of the subjects is well researched with solutions founded on first-hand knowledge and not hearsay.

Consulting Services
The institute offers a variety of consulting services such as Business Network Analysis, Partnering Diagnostic Laboratory, Benefits Achievement Analysis, etc...

Executive Workshops
Custom designed workshops can be created to find new revenues by gaining knowledge on how to use supply chain, network collaboration, business process management, and technology applications to enhance performance and build new revenues.


Advanced Supply Chain Management Workbook
This workbook is the most comprehensive guide to business improvement for the supply chain professional, or others interested in finding the route to optimized business processing across an extended enterprise.

White Papers
Institute members and others have authored a series of white papers on subjects of topical business interest.

Video Series
A twelve session, end-to-end series that covers all a firm needs to know about what supply chain is, how to get started, how far you can go, and what the benefits could be.